Alcuin Stories

Students Travel to NY for MMUN

A group of Alcuin Middle and Upper School students recently traveled to New York to participate in the annual Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) conference.
It's a unique experience based on a program which combines the scholarship and global citizenry of Model United Nations with the pedagogical insights of Maria Montessori. Alcuin students joined other kids from across the country to assume the role of either an ambassador or a Press Corps reporter. Because the committees and their relevant topics are taken directly from the United Nations’ agenda, Alcuin students become deeply engaged in critical and contemporary world issues. By working to solve real-world issues in a developmentally-appropriate setting, students become active members of the world they will inherit as adults. Our students also got an amazing opportunity to take in the sites and some students even had a chance to make a cameo appearance on the Today Show.