Where Makers Make it Happen

Creativity, exploration, and curiosity rule the day in The Hive, a 2,418 square foot maker space where students discover new ways of placing technology at the service of the world around them. If science is the means by which the world is understood and math is the language used to understand science, then innovative technology is the great connector.
Every day students use laser cutters, 3D printers, and an array of high tech tools to turn their ideas into projects and their projects into passions. As students grow in their expertise in the Adobe Cloud Suite and other CAD programs, they make their engineering ideas come to life. 

Ingenuity doesn’t stop when classes end. Alcuin’s Robotics team includes dozens of Lower, Middle, and Upper School students who converge on The Hive to ideate, design and create in preparation for their next competition. Whether building the fastest robot to move through an obstacle course or creating better, cleaner sources of power, exploration and discovery are the name of the game. 

Japan 2025

In 2025 Alcuin STEM students will fly to Japan for a weeklong immersion where they will learn about robotics, engineering and discover how the future of STEM cities is closer than they think.