What Makes Us Different?

Alcuin School provides a rare but extremely effective integration of the Montessori Method and the International Baccalaureate academic program. Guides, Academic Coaches, and Teachers are uniquely equipped to meet students where they are each step of the way and stimulate the creativity, curiosity, empathy, and independence they require to lead healthy, successful and fulfilling lives.

Alcuin is a place where more than 50 faculty members hold advanced degrees and nine hold doctorates; a place where Montessori guides are more than teachers, they’re child development experts; and a place where IB instructors build upon existing skills and while challenging students in a college-level curriculum.

What is a Compassionate, Global Citizen?

From toddlers washing classroom dishes to seniors tutoring refugee children, compassionate global citizenship is an inherent part of the academic program at Alcuin. It means being an active participant in a community, being willing to engage and understand global cultures, and becoming a catalyst for the benefit of others. 

Alcuin’s integrated travel and service programs are a critical part of this effort, providing students with opportunities to step outside their comfort zone, broaden their perspective, and walk in another’s shoes if only for a moment.

Grading Equivalencies in the IB