Immersive Years

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  • Grades 7-8

Shift and Accelerate

In Middle School, students begin the first of four immersive years (Levels 7-10) in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).
In their desire for more independence and hunger for greater responsibility and creative freedom, Alcuin teachers are the child’s greatest cheerleaders.
With progressive intensity, the MYP promotes mastery of subjects and their empathetic application to the real world. Whether using statistics to solve problems associated with poverty or developing new, science-based technologies to help the environment, students gain knowledge and insight and learn how to apply it for the greater good.

In the classroom, interdisciplinary projects create collaboration among students and connection across subjects. Students see how math can come into play during an analysis of a musical composition, while art projects can inspire a movement for social change. Integrated learning, which fosters curiosity and a desire to think outside the box, is the norm at Alcuin.