The Upper Elementary Program is the second stage of the six-year Elementary School. It serves students from 9 to 11 years of age, spanning fourth through sixth levels/grades in multi-age, multi-disciplinary classrooms. Upper Elementary offers advanced academic challenges in practical life experiences, language development and research, world language (Spanish), mathematics/geometry, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, physical education, and visual and performing arts. The sixth level/grade students participate in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.

The Curriculum

The language arts program emphasizes the reading of both fiction and nonfiction works and devotes extensive time to the development of writing and research skills. The mathematics and geometry curriculum continues to develop students' understanding of basic mathematical operations and geometry, introducing algebraic equations, logic, and statistics. Hands-on experiences are used to create tangible examples of complex mathematical concepts. The science curriculum explores energy, plants, animals, and environmental education with an emphasis on discovery opportunities. Technology is integrated into the curriculum using computers in the classroom.

Student Activities

Students begin to work in large groups and enjoy many class activities, including the Upper Elementary camp out. After careful planning and preparation, the Upper Elementary student is exposed to important leadership, social, and intellectual skills as they prepare for these outings. Each student’s awareness of the needs of the greater community is developed through a focus on service opportunities.
Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.