What is unique about Alcuin School?

It is not just one characteristic, but rather a combination of key distinctions which has created a learning environment like no other for over 50 years. It is what we refer to as “The Alcuin School Experience.” Alcuin School is creating an educational evolution, which encompasses a strong Montessori and International Baccalaureate education, within a dynamic environment for the opportunity for students to become "innovative thinkers and passionate learners."

The Key Distinctions of the Alcuin School

At Alcuin School:

  • We are a diverse group of learners, who value the uniqueness of each member of our community and strive to become respectful and responsive global citizens.
  • We believe that an atmosphere of order, beauty, respect, and harmony best supports the growth of individual work and personal integrity.
  • We recognize the incomparable value of personal inquiry as an ideal means to stimulate curiosity, develop sustained concentration, and acquire essential skills and knowledge.
  • We value the ability to learn independence in a carefully guided and prepared environment, as the best means of developing inner discipline and aiding the natural process of learning.
  • We trust that the imagination of each individual is best fostered in an open, accepting environment that promotes creative thinking and practice.
  • We provide a wide program of study, opportunities of independent research, and guidance and tools to become self-directed and life-long learners.