The Lower Elementary Program is part of the Elementary School and serves children ages six to nine in multi-age classrooms that include the first through third levels/grades. This multi-age, three-year cycle allows the teacher to develop a deep understanding of each student and creates the opportunity to provide a comprehensive, individualized education for each child. In addition, mixed-age classrooms provide advanced academic models for younger students, and offer older students opportunities to lead by example.

The Curriculum

In the Lower Elementary classrooms, Alcuin School students begin to address more complex problems than in Primary, no longer content to simply ask "what," but curious about the "how" and "why" of problems. This environment is the launching point for interactive, interdisciplinary group work. With an emphasis on social responsibility, grace, and courtesy, cooperative work is a natural outgrowth of the classroom. These years offer instruction in the areas of language development, mathematics/geometry, Spanish, history, world geography, botany, zoology, physical education, and the visual and performing arts. Technology is also integrated into the curriculum using computers in the classroom.
Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.