We are a diverse group of leaders who value the uniqueness of each member of our community, and strive to become respectful and responsive global citizens.


We trust that the imagination of each individual is best fostered in an open, accepting environment that promotes creative thinking and practice.


We recognize the incomparable value of personal inquiry as an ideal means to stimulate curiosity, develop sustained concentration, and acquire essential skills and knowledge.


We believe that an atmosphere of order, beauty, respect, and harmony best supports the growth of individual work and personal integrity.


We value the ability to learn and work with independence in a carefully guided and prepared environment, as the best means to foster inner discipline and aid in the natural process of learning.



Upcoming Events

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Mark your calendars now!

The Hawks’ Team Training camps will be held August 17th-21st

Time: 9:00-1:30 p.m.

Grades: 5th-10thgrade students playing on Alcuin teams

  • 5/6 Volleyball
  • MS Volleyball
  • US Volleyball
  • MS Soccer
  • 5/6 Flag Football
  • 5/6 Basketball-girls and boys
  • MS Basketball-girls and boys
  • US Basketball-girls and boys

Stay tuned for details this summer.


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