Alcuin Parents
Parents' Club

Parents' Club Bylaws

Article One: Meetings

Section 1. General Parents’ Meetings shall be held at least once in the fall and at other times deemed necessary by the Head of School and the Executive Council with 14 days written notice to the parent body.

Section 2. Executive Council Meetings shall be held once each month during the school year and at other times deemed necessary by the Head of School, the President, or the majority of members of the Executive Council.
a) The officer or committee chairman who fails or refuses to serve or is absent without cause from three consecutive meetings may be deemed vacant at the discretion of the Executive Council by majority vote.
b) In the event that a Committee Chair position becomes vacant, for whatever reason, the President may appoint the (a) Co-chair to assume the Chair responsibilities. The President may also appoint a new Co-chair if required.

Article Two: Duties of Officers

  • Section 1. The President shall preside at the Executive Council meetings. The President shall act as the liaison between the Parents’ Club, the Director of the School, and the Board of Trustees. The President shall attend any other meetings related to the Parents’ Club activities if deemed necessary.

  • Section 2. The President-Elect shall assist the President in any task the President deems necessary, become familiar with the duties and functions of the office, be responsible for the arrangements for all General Parents’ Meetings, direct the Nominating Committee process per Article 5, Section 3 of the Constitution, and, in the absence of the President, perform all duties pertaining to the office.

  • Section 3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, send copies of minutes to all members of the Executive Council, the Head of School, and the Director of Advancement prior to the next meeting, allowing sufficient time for the recipients to review and comment.

  • Section 4. The Treasurer of the Parents’ Club shall collect and bank all funds in the insured bank or savings and loan account designated as the Parents’ Club Fund. The Chief Financial Officer of the school shall be a signator on all Parents’ Club accounts. All checks over $2,000 shall require two signatures, one of which shall be the Chief Financial Officer’s. The Treasurer shall keep records of disbursements and receipts thereof, make a report at all Executive Council Meetings, and prepare a written annual statement to present to the parents at the Fall General Parents’ Meeting. The Treasurer shall also prepare any records and reports required by the school for inclusion in its tax return and audit.

  • Section 5. The Parliamentarian shall act as advisor to the President, serve as Bylaws Chairman, and rule on any parliamentary procedure.

  • Section 6. The Finance Committee shall prepare the annual budget that will include the budgets for all committees, subject to the consent of the Head of School and the Associate Head of School for Advancement, and submit such budget for approval by the Executive Council at the first meeting of the year. The Finance Committee shall be comprised of the President, the President-Elect, the Treasurer, and the Parliamentarian.
    • a) Expenditure of funds is restricted to the purpose for which the funds were budgeted. The Executive Council may approve reallocation of budgeted funds. Proper documentation is required for the reimbursement of all expenses.
    • b) Any unbudgeted expenditure must be approved by the Finance Committee in advance of incurring the expense.
    • c) All requests for reimbursement of expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer prior to the end of the school fiscal year. In the event of extenuating circumstances causing later submission of a request, approval of the Executive Council shall be required, provided that written notice is given to the Treasurer prior to the of the school fiscal year.

  • Section 7. All fund raising activities must conform to the general fund raising criteria of the school. All money raised by the Association for the benefit of the school will be contributed to the school for specific projects or endowment funds that have been approved by the Executive Council following consultation with the Head of School and the Associate Head of School for Advancement.

  • Section 8. Any communication by a member of the Executive Council to the general parent body and/or an external person(s) or organization is subject to the prior approval of the President and the Associate Head of School for Advancement or the Head of School.

Article Three: Amendment of the Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at any General Parents’ Meeting or by unanimous vote of the Executive Council.
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