Every parent in the Alcuin School community is a member of the Parents' Club. Time and again, parent involvement is lifted up as one of the unique aspects of the Alcuin School community. Parent commitment and participation are reflections of the love the parents have for this school. The generosity of the parent body benefits the students and staff throughout the year.

Alcuin School parents volunteer as room parents, organize fundraisers, coordinate parent education opportunities, and host social gatherings. Parents provide the energy behind the nuts-and-bolts tasks, such as distributing the school directory, organizing sports teams and sporting events, orchestrating the General Parents Meeting, and communicating through the weekly room parents email. Parents also plan events throughout the year to show appreciation for the faculty and staff.

Committees & Councils

President Elizabeth Barnwell Meier
President Elect Julie Mitchell
Secretary Mandy Palmer
Treasurer Andrea Detz
Parliamentarian Carol Murray
Dad’s Club Chair Kevin Kirksey
Auction Chair Andrea Baum
Auction Team Shanti Venegas
Treasure Hickman
Marianela Rios
Staff Appreciation Chairs Arti Bhutani
Elizabeth Cihon
Molly Wangsgaard
Hospitality Chair Katherine Seale
Giving Tree Chairs Jamie Montoya
Christal Maguregui
Hawk Shop Chairs Jessica Gehre
Kate Watson
Book Fair Chair Jamie Montoya
Winterfest Chair Treasure Hickman
International Festival Chairs Najdi Rafaty
Meenakshi Gupta
Mother’s Day Tea Chair Marianela Rios
Dad's Golf Event Chairs Shawn Street
Brennan Meier
Upper School Community Ambassadors Libby Smith
Stacy Kushing
Primary Community Ambassador Kate Sigfusson

Important Events

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  • Parents' Club Meetings

    Usually meet the first Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. in the Parents’ Club Room. Check the calendar each month to confirm. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • General Parents' Meeting

    The General Parents' Meeting is held soon after school starts. It is the one time in the year that the entire community gathers. There is a general meeting with announcements and information about the coming year, followed by parent visits to the children’s classrooms. The Dads' Committee hosts a Parent Social following the classroom meetings.
  • The Annual Auction

    This effort sponsored in the spring by the Parents' Club takes in all parts of our community—parents, students, and staff. Each year, the auction brings the community a wonderful evening, featuring an interesting theme and exciting activities. Monies raised at the auction have supported the staff retirement plan, built the pavilion, supported financial assistance, purchased Montessori materials, and contributed to Capital Campaigns. Always a big hit at the auction are the individual classroom projects built with student, teacher, and parent help. Past themes include “Journey to Oz,” “Havana Nights,” and “Fly Me to the Moon.”
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