We were honored to work with the Edwin L. Cox family and the Berry R. Cox Family Foundation to create the Ann R. Cox “Innovation in Education” Award to be given each year by Alcuin School in recognition of her outstanding support in our early years and her position as the first donor on our list in the early days.  Working in tandem with Father Taliaferro, she not only gave generously herself, but inspired many others in the wider Dallas community to step up so that the dream of an educational environment producing “Innovative Thinkers and Passionate Learners” would become reality.  Without her financial and emotional support, the Churchill Campus on which thousands of children have been educated and nurtured would not have been a reality.    
Ann Rife Cox was a lead supporter in the innovative thought process that led Father Taliaferro to found the Montessori program in 1964 that has evolved over the years into what is now Alcuin School.  The cornerstone of an Alcuin education was then – and has remained - innovative thinkers and passionate learners.  Mrs. Cox served for years alongside Father Taliaferro as the Vice-President of the Board of Trustees.  She was instrumental in locating and purchasing the beautiful Churchill Way campus that has provided such a special educational environment for thousands of children. It is on the shoulders of such “giants” that Alcuin’s history is built and this incredible foundation gives the vision for what education should be.
The first funding for scholarships, a cause important to her heart and her values, was given by Mrs. Cox and has supported numerous bright and imaginative students over the years.  As demonstrated by her work with Father Taliaferro in the creation of Alcuin School, Mrs. Cox believed in innovation in education and in other areas, especially the arts.  
    • Ann Cox
Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.