The Alcuin School curriculum is deepened by many rich opportunities enhanced by the integration of technology.

Design Technology involves analysis, development, synthesis and evaluation. It incorporates the aim of developing globally minded citizens that will create a better world.

Every student has access to many different devices, forms, software and materials that help their creative process come to fruition. 

The entire school is wireless allowing us to reach out to the world from anywhere on campus.  All Elementary classrooms are equipped with laptops and every Middle and Upper School student receives a laptop and is connected to programs on and off our campus. Learning is not contained to the classroom.

An Innovation Studio houses 3D printers, a theater for filming and presenting, tablets, laptops, teaming tables for collaboration, wall mounted touch screens, LCDs for presentations and video-conferencing and varied seating accommodations to enable different work modes.  Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos and 3D Doodlers are also part of the collection that enable scientific discovery and problem solving.

Tablets, iPads, cameras, wood carving and design tools, and 3D printers, are some of the tools utilized to help create, investigate, research and collaborate.

Students use our video conferencing equipment to make connections from any room in our school and conduct interactive two-way audio/video collaboration. We can visit and confer with new friends around the world and experts in any field on the big screen or small screen. A single class or multiple classes can conference together to enrich life and maximize learning potential.

At Alcuin School, the world is our classroom when you consider the possibilities and potential that integrated technology provides to our students every day.

21st Century Learning

Our students take advantage of the opportunities that the latest technology provides in an array of activities.

  • Collaborating with other online communities to solve global issues
  • Sharing cultural diversities
  • School wide-mock elections held on a student-built website
  • Game Design with visual programming language.
  • Writing and publishing books utilizing iPads.
  • Conversing with experts in Science, Math, Business, Art and the Environment.
  • Digital portfolios
  • Digitizing Music and Art
  • Coding
  • Project-based learning in design, science, technology, arts and math with 3D Printers
Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.