Student Support provides coordination and services for students with unique learning and socioemotional needs.  At Alcuin School, we strive to support all of our students in being as successful as they can be in various aspects of their learning, growth, and development.  Whether a student has an identified disability or health condition that interferes with his or her learning or is struggling to meet the typical socioemotional challenges of childhood or adolescence, Student Support seeks to provide appropriate accommodations and support in allowing that student to fully flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

Learning Services

Alcuin School is a community of bright, creative, independent, and diverse learners.  If a student is struggling academically or has an identified learning difference or other type of disability that interferes with his or her full academic success, Learning Services provides the necessary support and accommodations in order to help maximize that student’s potential.  Learning Services include:
  • Referrals of families to outside professionals for diagnostic evaluation and/or individualized intervention
  • Coordination of on-campus interventions provided by private academic tutors, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, etc.
  • Confidential communication with professionals working with our students off campus
  • Ongoing consultation and collaboration with parents, relevant faculty members, Division Directors, and (when appropriate) students regarding learning and academic success
  • Design and coordination of school accommodation plans and inclusive assessment arrangements for students with identified disabilities
  • Coordination of accommodation requests for college-entrance examinations
  • Post-concussion “return-to-learn” protocol management
  • Parent education on various topics related to learning and academic success

Socioemotional Wellness

Most students face various challenges of varying degrees through childhood and adolescence that can potentially impact their socioemotional well-being.  At Alcuin School, we strongly believe that working through these challenges allows our students to further build resilience, independence, and self-efficacy.  Occasionally, this important aspect of child development requires careful and confidential assistance.  We seek to provide students with proper guidance and socioemotional support in order to help them navigate these typical life challenges.  This is achieved through individual interventions, small-group discussions, classroom-based activities, and parent education, all of which is coordinated and provided by our School Counselor, a Professional School Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor.

Language Learning Lab

The Language Learning Lab is an added-fee program offered for select students identified to potentially benefit from such intensive intervention.  Students work with a Certified Academic Language Therapist individually or in small groups several times per week to develop their emerging language-based literacy and writing skills.  The therapist utilizes the MSLE (Multisensory Structured Language Education) approach in working with students towards helping them develop and master the following skills, among others:
  • Alphabet sequencing
  • Letter recognition
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Sound-syllable associations
  • Syllable instruction
  • Semantics, syntax, and morphology
  • Spelling in isolation and in context
  • Handwriting
The therapist conducts informal assessments, tracks progress, and communicates collaboratively with students’ teachers and parents in order to help provide a true team approach towards supporting these students and their academic progress.

Meet the Administrators

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  • Photo of Bill Barfoot

    Dr. Bill Barfoot 

    Alcuin School
    Director of Student Support
    Emory University - BA
    UT Southwestern Medical Center - Ph.D.
  • Photo of Anna Jones

    Ms. Anna Jones 

    Alcuin School
    School Counselor
    Bucknell University - BA
    Villanova University - MS
    National Certified Counselor
  • Photo of Nelly Kaakaty

    Dr. Nelly Kaakaty 

    Alcuin School
    Middle and Upper School Learning Specialist
    UT Dallas - BS
    Texas A & M University Commerce - MS
    Texas A & M University Commerce - Ph.D.