Unique to All. Second to None.

At Alcuin School, our mission is to inspire students to reach their highest level of personal and academic fulfillment.  To reach that goal, we are not afraid to chart a different path if we believe it will clearly benefit our students. We follow in the footsteps of educators who realized there was a better way to teach students than what was practiced in most schools.  We deeply believe in and adhere to the Montessori and International Baccalaureate systems that have been refined and validated by leading educators over decades of use around the world.  Accordingly, the following set of beliefs underlies everything we do here at Alcuin, and gives us the confidence to say that our school is “Unique to all. Second to none”.

List of 17 items.

  • We believe the ultimate goal of education is

    to prepare the student to be successful across a broad range of future life circumstances- personal, social and professional.
  • We believe that people are

    ultimately most fulfilled and successful when they have discovered their personal strengths and what truly inspires them.
  • We believe that students

    develop and mature in their own way, and that education must work in close concert with that natural process, or be at risk of conflicting with it.
  • We believe that inspiring a love of learning; cultivating long term “passionate learners,” is

     as important as mastery of facts and information. 
  • We believe that personal qualities and values

    such as Community, Integrity, Independence, Inquiry and Imagination, are critical life-long benefits that children receive from an Alcuin education.
  • We believe that students, given the right environment and guidance

    learn the most when they are able to engage in self-directed, purposeful activities, and that young people can develop abstract reasoning skills through collaboration, problem solving and pursuing areas of interest.
  • We believe (in fact, we know) that children’s brains and personalities

    go through different periods of receptivity to different stimuli.  The learning opportunity is maximized when the education system introduces the right information at the right time for each individual.
  • We believe that while Montessori and IB students have proven to consistently perform above average on standardized tests

    the true measure of a student’s education extends well beyond any quantitative score.   
  • We believe, now more than ever, that future success in life and in work will depend

    on a person’s ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason critically.
  • We believe that our school

    should be truly student centered, and without compromise put what is best for a student ahead of any other consideration when important decisions need to be made. 
  • We believe that the question

    is as important as the answer.
  • We believe that it is important to embrace challenges with confidence

    so we teach students to learn from mistakes while also developing resilience.
  • We believe that participating in real-world activities and enriching opportunities

    that impact society supports the development of compassionate global citizens. 
  • We believe in balancing freedom and self-directed learning

    with boundaries and structure.
  • We believe that a strong, stable school community

    is the best environment to foster education, and that it can only be achieved via open and engaged collaboration with parents.
  • We believe in teaching our students

    that the true essence of leadership is in being a servant and an ethical leader.
  • We believe that even the most well-educated and successful person

    will miss out on life’s greatest joys if he or she doesn't also have a caring and compassionate heart.