Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.
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      Innovation Studio

      The Innovation Studio is a creative space that was constructed to offer students of all ages the resources necessary to execute their imagination and tend to their inventive spirits.This innovative facility is designed to promote educational success through a high-tech interactive learning environment that stimulates imagination, creativity, innovation, and leadership exploration.

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      Core Values

      We are a diverse group of leaders who value the uniqueness of each individual within our community, foster the imagination of each student and faculty member, strive to maintain an atmosphere full of integrity, praise the ability to learn and work independently and admire personal inquiry as a means to stimulate curiosity.

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      Outdoor Education

      Alcuin provides its students with exclusive opportunities for educational, interstate and country-wide travel. Trips range from educational exploration throughout Texas, the Rockies, British Columbia and so much more. During these outings, multiple lessons are taught that foster community awareness and real-world practicality. Challenging experience outdoors impacts powerfully upon a young person’s intellectual, physical, social and moral development.

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Innovative Thinkers. Passionate Learners.